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Functional Abjects, 2018

With my latest body of work, Functional Abjects, I bring the outside in and the inside out, by overlaying the domestic space with the greater built-environment around us. With this work, I perform the surrealist trick of merging dissonant forms and surfaces into oddly functional objects. These first pieces in this new series take the lowly manhole cover as a source. These liminal objects, while being completely forgettable, often carry their own markers that serve to plant them firmly within a specific context. So, what does it do to uproot these dirty old things and take them from the street to make them a place for your precious objects? 

Stemming from an ongoing interest in generating new forms using technology, I have incorporated photogrammetry into my process. Photogrammetry is the creation of digital 3D meshes from multiple photographs of an object or environment. Once these meshes are created, I manipulate them in the computer and mill them from solid wood. After that, they are coated with steel, patinated, and sealed. They can be treated as a precious art object to be stared at, or used as a quotidian object to catch your citrus fruit or your spare change.