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Hybrid Artifact #1, 2012 w/Donald Fortescue

1. Create whittles and chose six specimens using an array of mystical processes.
2. Arrange the whittles in a row based on gut-level intuition.
3. Scan Whittle A then Whittle B allowing the software to perform extensive alterations in an effort to fuse the two forms into one. Rearrange and rescan as needed, for more interesting forms.
4. Three-dimensionally print the results in ABS plastic resulting in Whittle Hybrid A/B.
5. Repeat.
6. Scan Whittle Hybrid A/B then Whittle Hybrid B/C, once again letting the software have its way. This time fiddling with orientation and resolution hoping for compelling forms. 
7. Three-dimensionally print the results. 
8. French fit the whole set of Whittles and Whittle Hybrids into a nice box for transportation and subsequent display on the wall.